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Our wedding cake prices vary depending on the flavors, decoration, and structure of the cake. Please contact Chef Gwendolyn directly.

The Consultation

To start off, we set up a consultation to meet and decide on a flavor, style, and the size of your cake to match your tastes, theme, and guest list. For your convenience, a consultation can be done via email or over the phone. Wedding cakes are custom orders and often morph as the big day gets closer. More guests RSVPed, you want to change the flavor, you find out the best man is allergic to coconut and you want almond instead, etc. Weddings require more baker- client time to ensure you’re happier than a kid in candy shop. There is more riding on a perfect wedding cake than a cake for your office party. 


After the consultation, we set a date for your tasting. Over coffee/tea and a mini version of your cake choice, we discuss what you liked and what you’d like to add. For most clients, the adjustments are minor and we’re ready to start baking for the big show. If you decide to completely change the flavor or frosting and want to continue testing, you may be charged for an additional tasting. In the event that you decide to go in another direction with another baker, you will be charged a nominal fee for the tasting. Tastings are free for cake purchases over $300. 


Wedding cakes often take more supplies to create, transport, and set up than your average party cake. Consider the internal supports if your cake is stacked, the supplies to ensure a smooth delivery, set up, decorations, stands, platters, etc. Compare a birthday cake set up to a wedding cake set up. Often a party cake is part of the decorations. For weddings, there are decorations exclusively for the cake itself. The cake is the centerpiece to be decorated. Much more goes into the creation of a wedding cake than meets the eye. Wedding cakes are an artform and each work of art requires many hours of labor to design and create.

Delivery and Set Up

Depending on the venue and your catering services, we like to deliver and set up the wedding cakes. Some locations may not allow for this if they provide in house catering. If you live outside our general service area, it may not be possible to provide this delivery and set up. If your location is within 15 miles, the cost of milage and set up is folded into the price of your wedding package.
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You get a fresh, homemade, handcrafted taste.

Cakes provide the best example of the idiom ‘you get what you pay for’. If you purchase an inexpensive cake from Vons or Walmart, it will taste exactly like you expect—a cheap grocery store cake. Purchasing an artisan product, made with quality ingredients will naturally taste heartier, rich, and fresh. Store bought cakes are made weeks ahead of time, flash frozen, and filled with chemicals and preservatives to keep them from breaking down and going bad. Our cakes are made fresh to order and custom decorated to fit your tastes perfectly.

Our products are 100% plant-based.

All of our products are completely free of any animal products or animal by-products, as is our kitchen. Our facilities are 100 percent vegan owned and operated.

We work with your allergies and dietary restrictions.

Allergic or intolerant to wheat, tree nuts, soy, etc? We can work with you to create a satisfying and delicious dessert despite your dietary restrictions. Our kitchen is free of any common animal-based allergens like eggs or milk. Though we do use wheat, soy, and nuts for other clients—our kitchen is not exclusively allergen-free if you or someone you know is dangerously sensitive to these ingredients, we suggest you make alternate arrangements.