Miss Kitchen Witch

Your Source For Vegan Magic



Chef Gwendolyn Mathers, also known as Miss Kitchen Witch, has been cooking professionally in the plant-based sphere for over 10 years. She has a vast knowledge of savory, raw, and allergy-free cooking—but her passion has always been in baking and pastries. It is where so much of the magic lies!

Working with each client, she designs creative, delicious, and affordable vegan menus, meals, and recipes for every occasion—preparing everyday comfort foods, full course menus for glamorous parties, and even custom wedding cakes. Chef Gwendolyn cooks for major companies, wedding parties, intimate dinners, bustling restaurants, and conducts consumer end recipe development.

Examples of Chef Services available from Chef Gwendolyn

  • Private Chef Services cooking fresh meals onsite, to order
  • Meals prepared in your kitchen for a week of hearty home-cooked dinners
  • Full course meals, tray passed appetizers, or catered buffets for special occasions
  • Private dinners for small groups
  • Home cooking classes for you or a small group of veg-curious cooks
  • Step-by-step vegan solutions—shopping and at home cooking instructions to help you make more healthy plant-based changes in your day-to-day routine.