Miss Kitchen Witch

Your Source For Vegan Magic



Chef Gwendolyn Mathers, also known as Miss Kitchen Witch, has been cooking professionally in the plant-based sphere for over 10 years. She got her nickname following the mysterious source of her magical cooking! 

With a vast knowledge of plant-based foods and products, savory, raw, and gluten-free cooking—Chef Gwendolyn cooks for corporations and stars, but her passion has always been in pastry and desserts. 

Chef Gwendolyn grew up in Hawaii and started cooking and baking as a young child. She later started her professional career as a Private Chef and cut her teeth in catering companies. 

Her inspiration derives from culturally traditional folk-foods, promoting veganism through what is familiar, comforting and special to each of us. 

Working with each client, she designs creative, delicious, and affordable vegan menus, meals, and recipes for every occasion—from everyday comfort foods to full course menus for glamorous parties.