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100% Vegan

All of our products are completely free of any animal products, as is our kitchen. We do not use any dairy, eggs, honey, or even bone-char sugar. As an ethical vegan, Chef Gwendolyn goes to great lengths to avoid micro-ingredients and even questionable companies. 

Homemade & Handcrafted

Pastry provides the best example of the idiom ‘you get what you pay for’. If you purchase an inexpensive cake from Vons or Walmart, it will taste exactly like you expect—a cheap grocery store cake. Purchasing an artisan product, made with quality ingredients will naturally taste heartier, rich, and fresh. Store bought cakes are made weeks ahead of time, flash frozen, and filled with chemicals and preservatives to keep them from breaking down and going bad. Our cakes are made fresh to order and custom decorated to fit your tastes.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Allergic or intolerant to wheat, tree nuts, soy, etc? We can work with you to create a satisfying and delicious dessert despite your dietary restrictions. Though, our kitchen is free of any common animal-based allergens, we do use wheat, soy, and nuts for other clients—our kitchen is not exclusively allergen-free. If you or someone you know is dangerously sensitive to these ingredients, we suggest you make alternate arrangements.

What Makes Vegan Pastries Different?

After decades of store-bought cakes and boxed mixes, many of us have forgotten what a real pastries made from scratch taste like. Cakes made from scratch are naturally heavier than commercially produced ones. Our products don’t contain the chemical leavening agents, preservatives or animal by-products—bringing you the freshest dessert possible, while using only what is natural and safe for you, the planet, and the animals. 

The science of the fluff factor: Each dessert recipe (that rises) contains a leavening agent. Vegan recipes typically use soda, baking powder, ener-g egg replacer, etc. To create the chemical reaction that makes your cake fluffy you need an acid. You will sometimes find that chocolate cakes are fluffier than vanilla, as cocoa powder is acidic and has a stronger chemical reaction to the leavening agent. We typically add a stronger acid to fluff up our vanilla without the nasty taste of baking soda. Magic made from Science!